Monday, June 24, 2013

Manhunting in the 90s

"Manhunting in the 90s" from Manhunter vol.3 #10 (DC, 1995) by Steven Grant and Vince Giarrano
Horrendous stuff I wouldn't even be posting if I wasn't dedicated to alphabetically offering a splash from every DC series... I don't know or remember much of anything about Chase Lawler's year as Manhunter, but his Wikipedia entry is a nightmare. At first unconnected to the Manhunter mythos, he called on the Wild Huntsman to save himself and his girlfriend from harm, and was curse with having to "hunt the lonely". He tried to hunt only villains with marginal success. And then it looks like they tried to pull out of it, and had Mark Shaw return and murder him after revealing Chase WAS connected to the Manhunter legacy after all and the Wild Huntsman was just a hallucination... Ok, whatever.

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  1. I'm getting a weird Ditko/Kirby homage going on with that head. Filtered through the normal 90s Image crap art of course.

    OK, wow I just googled to see who inked this, thinking perhaps they had saved it and came upon the cover for the issue. It may be the '90s-est thing I've ever seen.