Friday, June 14, 2013

She's Not Just About Reading Minds

"She's Not Just About Reading Minds" from Legion of Super-Heroes vol.6 #4 (DC, 2010) by Paul Levitz, Yildiray Cinar, Francis Portela and Wayne Foucher
After Legion of 3 Worlds did away with the Threeboot Legion, the restored pre-5YL Legion showed up in a new Adventure Comics, either as a back-up or a lead feature, setting the stage for a new series (after which Adventure focused on Legion Academy). It was entirely appropriate for the Levitz Legion to be written by Paul Levitz once again, as if he'd never left. What it wasn't was a fresh take on the concept and characters. It felt comfortable, but the same way the lame-duck Legion of Tales was. What it really needed to be was the start the Baxter series, something as big and epic as the Legion world could be. Bringing back the LSV felt like a limp retread and couldn't live up to its original attempt. Still, there were some nice moments in there and Levitz did do a better job of it than fellow returnee Jim Shooter in volume 5.


  1. Points about the Nu Legion....

    good points...
    Francis Portela's gorgeous artwork
    new Legionnaires Chemical King and Dragonfire
    superb new fatal than ever Fatal Five
    amazing revamp of classic villain Saturn Queen
    fucking fantastic one-off LSV special [my favourite book that year]
    having a racist ex-villain Earth-Man forced to join the LSH
    Legion Academy
    Keith Giffen being brought back to the book at great fanfare...until [see below]...

    bad points...
    no explanation for the mysterious Professor Li
    a new promising teenage Karate Kid introduced - then rapidly forgotten about
    that tiresome little blue alien baby floating about
    the useless debacle of Legion Lost
    Shadow Lass forgoing her marriage vows
    Mon-El becoming a Green Lantern - for all of four issues
    The new LSV - a tiny group made up of two strong guys, a brainy one and a woman with a knife
    a piss-poor Durlan assassin conspiracy plot which wrapped up far too quick
    far too many environmental disasters and not enough villain fighting
    Sun Boys ignominious death
    Phantom Girls cowardice
    Scott Kolins awful artwork
    Keith Giffen 'blink and youll miss him' stint on the book
    Levitz thinking he can still write as he did in the 80s [when his writing was the best for this book].

  2. Some of those are actually in volume 7 (because yes, I'll be splashing the New52 tomorrow). But yeah, same series really.