Monday, June 17, 2013

Lobo's Dead

"Lobo's Dead" from Lobo's Back #1 (DC, 1992) by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant and Simon Bisley
I got the first few Lobo mini-series and specials, back when they still worked as a satire, but as the 90s became more and more LIKE that satire, Lobo just became as annoying as Wolverine, the Punisher and whatever other violent "anti-hero" they were cramming down our throats at the time. So yeah, the splash comes from the second mini, the one about Lobo dying and then (sorry) coming back to life because he caused too much trouble in the after-life. I never did get into the monthly series - with all apologies to writer Alan Grant whom I like with this sort of material - which still managed to last more than 5 years without my patronage.

Coming clean, the deeper I look into this long box, the less I can justify the words "when they still worked as a satire". Still, nothing beyond 1992. I guess they were coming hard and fast on the back of the first mini's success in late 1990.

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  1. Of all the characters in comics I cannot BEAR Lobo! His insane violence might appeal to some but I thought he was horrible in the extreme. He took over my favourite L.E.G.I.O.N comic from the moment he first appeared. Really quite unpleasant character and I make it a direct point now never to buy a comic if hes in it.