Sunday, June 16, 2013

Endless Summer

"Endless Summer" from Legionnaires #77 (DC, 1999) by Roger Stern, Tom McCraw, Jeffrey Moy and W.C. Carani
When the possible clones of the adult Legion were decanted in the 5 Years Later time frame, there was a sense that everyone's old Legion had returned, younger and more energetic than ever. After Earth blew up, they became the heroes of New Earth (a floating collection of city domes) and spun off into their own series, initially with some wonderful art by Chris Sprouse. After issue 19, Zero Hour rebooted the Legion, which became a lot more like the team featured in Legionnaires in look and tone, with the story basically going bi-weekly across the two Legion books. Soon after the above summer splash issue (art by Jeffrey Moy who drew, I think, the most issues), the books split, with LSH stranding Legion members in the 20th century (yep, again) and Legionnaires sticking to the 30th. That lasted for a bit and then things went back to normal before going darker again as Abnett and Lanning took over the books, taking Legionnaires to issue 81 and LSH to 125, where the titles were collapsed into Legion Lost (yep, again again).


  1. I...I...all I can see is that giant star on that guy's crotch!

  2. This period was also known as the 'Archie Legion' because of its cute teenage look.
    The issue your above pic comes from is particularly memorable...for Andromeda's swimsuit...or lack of it! It was so revealing I doubt whether its ever been shown on any internet sites.
    The Sprouse/Moy period was great.

  3. Yeah, I'll admit Starboy's crotch target is one of the driving reasons behind my posting this one. I can be such a child sometimes.

    Invisible Kid's loin cloth scares me more though.