Sunday, June 23, 2013


"Mechhunter" from Manhunter vol.2 #11 (DC, 1989) by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Doug Rice and Pablo Marcos
After digging out Mark Shaw (Privateer) for Suicide Squad, he turned him into the next Manhunter and got a mini-series greenlit for him. And that mini became a pretty solid series that lasted two years. Not all that connected to the previous two superheroes called Manhunter, Mark did have a connection to the Manhunter robots built by the Guardians of the Universe, ergo a hi-tech mask which was the source of most of his abilities. Looking at my back issues now, the book had extremely variable art, but Doug Rice's Japanese influences made for the best-looking issues. He'd done the first four (the original mini) and redesigned the costume with touches of kabuki. Above, Manhunter flying his own mech-armor.

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