Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bibbo's Poker Buddies

"Bibbo's Poker Buddies" from Showcase '95 #6 (DC, 1995) by Mike Carlin and Denis Rodier
Though it changed titles with a new numbering every year, Showcase '93 to '96 is very much the same series. The anthology book usually "showcased" three features per issue, several in short multi-issue arcs. And looking at my collection now, it thoroughly earned its "90s" title. Wow, there's a lot of ugly crosshatched art in here. As you might imagine, they used a lot of Batman material to sell the book (even a few chapters of Knightfall), and offered continuations of mini-series (like Metal Men) or preludes to new series (like Peter David's Supergirl). I guess the idea was to make it a book you had to pick if you didn't want to miss the next big thing, or were a Batman fan. Some good stuff in there, but I can't guarantee you'll enjoy an issue picked at random.

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