Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shade's Shadow Coma

"Shade's Shadow Coma" from Shade, the Changing Man vol.1 #7 (DC, 1978) by Steve Ditko and Michael Fleischer
So was Ditko's Shade the Changing Man some kind of Objectivist parable? I bet it was, wasn't it? Well, when I first encountered this comic, I thought it was Ditko's attempt to pull a Kirby with his own mythology - the Meta-Zone is an SF version of all those Dr. Strange dimensions, just like the Fourth World was an SF Asgard - and I don't feel any more objectivist than I did then, so... Ayn Rand Fail!

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  1. That series is incredibly dense for 8 issues. It is as if Ditko understood this wacky universe but couldn't explain it to me. I have reread that series many times and still barely follow much what is happening. But all fascinating and mesmerizing.

    And it is beautiful.