Friday, October 4, 2013

The Shadow Dies

"The Shadow Dies" from The Shadow vol.3 #13 (DC, 1988) by Andrew Helfer and Kyle Baker
Though I have some affection for Dark Horse's various Shadow mini-series, the best Shadow ongoing is still probably the late 80s, mature readers book by Helfer and Baker. I remember getting the first 8 issues in one bundle at a comics store going out of business sale, and they were exciting enough to get to go see Alex Baldwin's Shadow movie. And though I haven't seen it since that first time, I still think it was pretty keen. I have nothing but nostalgia to back that up, of course.


  1. I haven't ever read this, but I have a lot of nostalgic affection for the Kyle Baker Dick Tracy mini-series I haven't read in decades, so I can relate.

  2. Awesome series and the movie holds up pretty well for its time period.