Friday, October 18, 2013

The Lacquer Look

"The Lacquer Look" from The Spectre vol.2 #4 (DC, 1987) by Doug Moench, Gene Colan and Steve Mitchell
The 80s Spectre series lasted less than three years and was unremarkable (I mostly remember its cool house ad, the first cover by Mike Kaluta). Basically, Jim Corrigan was brought back from the dead, made a private eye, and the Spectre sprang out of him for a 48-hour window lest Corrigan start dying again (he was the supernatural equivalent of Aquaman then). It may just have been too gritty and down to earth for a Spectre book. After all, this guy was throwing planets around in the Golden Age.

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  1. Well that was pretty scary...until I got to his adorable little pixie boots.