Monday, October 14, 2013

Midnight Is Not the Spirit, We Swear

"Midnight Is Not the Spirit, We Swear" from Smash Comics #73 (E.M. Arnold, 1947) by Jack Cole
From the Quality family of books, Smash was the home of the Ray, the Invisible Hood, Magno, The Jester, Black X, Lady Luck and the robot Bozo the Iron Man, but the one that most dominated the book by far, earning the cover from #28 all the way to #85, was Midnight, a straight-up replacement for the Spirit while Will Eisner went to fight in the war, but whose strip continued after Eisner's return. Having Jack "Plastic Man" Cole on your side does wonders for your career, no matter whose shadow it started under. Of course, today, Midnight isn't well remembered at all.

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