Monday, October 7, 2013

Mary Marvel's Fashion Parade

"Mary Marvel's Fashion Parade" from Shazam! #13 (DC, 1974) by E. Nelson Bridwell and various artists
I'm really happy the fashion show doesn't take us to the dark and grimy oughts. The 70s series brought the Marvel Family into the DC Universe (albeit on Earth-S) and featuring art by Cap's creator C.C. Beck in the first 10 issues featured the light-hearted superhero style that had made Fawcett's books a big hit in the 40s (and more importantly, the tone of Shazam cartoon shows of my youth). Of course, in the 70s, the book must already gave seemed "all-ages" to DC readers. It did make it to issue 35 before getting relegated to a back-up in World's Finest.

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