Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bulletproof Shield

"Bulletproof Shield" from The Shield #2 (DC, 2009) by Eric Trautmann, Marco Rudy and Mick Gray
Archie's precursor to Captain America back in the 40s, I was mostly familiar with the armored version DC published under their Impact Comics imprint. As for the Red Circle label, only a few years ago trying to incorporate the Archie heroes into the DCU, well, that was one of three half-assed attempts to do this kind of thing. The others were pulp heroes (First Wave) and the Milestone characters (which I can't even call HALF-assed). Let's just say having Magog appear in your first couple of issues is NOT the way to get me to read your comic.

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  1. The Shield! All I know about him is that he had enormous thighs and used to run with his toes pointed.