Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Shadow's America

"The Shadow's America" from The Shadow Strikes! #31 (DC, 1992) by Gerard Jones, Rod Whigham and John Beatty
While Helfer and Baker were doing the Mature Readers version of the Shadow, Gerard Jones was given the all-ages (or Teen, I suppose) version to write, and it's DC's longest run of the character. Jones did a pretty good job with it, as ever, a sort of stylistic chameleon who could pulp, straight superhero, pompous weirdness (Mosaic) and humor (Guy Gardner) all in the space of one month.


  1. Gerard Jones is a very good writer, and he doesn't get a whole lot of credit sometimes.

  2. He was ubiquitous in the late 80s early 90s. What is he doing now?


    Wikipedia says mostly focus on non-fiction books about American culture and media, one of which won an Eisner. Sounds interesting.

  3. I never really had the chance to buy The Shadow Strikes back in the day, but a couple of years ago, I came upon a complete set and, I must say, it's the best Shadow series I've ever read. Highly recommended. Too bad he' never had a chance to do his planned storylines.
    --Rick Dee