Monday, December 16, 2013

Gray Loves Green

"Gray Loves Green" from Swamp Thing vol.5 #4 (DC, 2012) by Scott Snyder, Marco Rudy and Michael Lacombe
So DC took Swamp Thing out of Vertigo, returned Alec Holland/Classic Swamp Thing to the DCU in Brightest Day, then brought them back AGAIN in a pointless mini-series, only to bring them back YET AGAIN as the DCU rebooted into the New52. Frustrating. The good news is that despite some over-long story arcs under Scott Snyder, the book has been remarkably good. Snyder's run tested my patience while the Thing fought the Rot for two years, but the art by Yannick Paquette and others (like Rudy, above) was splashy and beautiful. Charles Shoule has lately brought shorter arcs (that fit into the larger story) and a lot of black comedy to the book, and I'm enjoying the character more than I have since the 90s.

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