Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mistress of Gemstones

"Mistress of Gemstones" from Sword of Sorcery vol.2 #8 (DC, 2013) by Christie Marx, Aaron Lopresti, Travis Moore and John Livesay
I was happy to see Amethyst back in the DCU - although it's very odd to have guest star in Justice League Dark - and in general, that the New52 would give shelf space to non-superhero comics (heck, I'll take non-Batman comics!). However, since none of those series except the Gotham-centric All Star Western have lasted any length of it, SoS (ha!), like the war comics, feel like exercises in copyright renewal. Amethyst was backed-up in the series by new versions of Beowulf and Stalker, neither of which grabbed my attention. If DC had had real faith in this series, they could have drawn upon much bigger names like Warlord, Arion and Arak.


  1. I am an Amethyst fan and a Beowulf fan and a Stalker fan.

    This Amethyst didn't read right for me so I stayed away after the first issue.

    That said, Aaron Lopresti was the perfect choice for a title like this. Ever read his Wonder Woman story starring the DC Sword and Sorcery characters - Beowulf, Stalker, and Claw?

  2. I sure have, I loved that run. And wrote loads about it.

  3. You just suggested that Arion and Arak were "much bigger" names.

    Is it April Fools Day?

  4. We coincidentally finished our Amaya research at recently, so there'll be a big article once it clears the publication process. :-)