Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Baby of Donna Troy

"The Baby of Donna Troy" from Team Titans #3 (DC, 1992) by Marv Wolfman, Kevin Maguire and Will Blyberg
If New Teen Titans had become the hit it was in the early 80s TODAY, everything would be Titan this and Titan that. As it was, the book merely went to Baxter format while the other ongoing told a few less important stories before turning into a newsstand reprint, and Teen Titans Spotlight told solo tales of varying quality, but another spin-off wouldn't happen until the early 90s when the Titans' star was already well waning. And what a spin-off it was! By which I mean, how AWFUL. Cookie-cutter Titans from the future, introduced in Armageddon 2001 and with no real reason for being, erased from continuity a couple years later by Zero Hour. Not even Donna Troy jumping the shark like a sitcom could save this one.