Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New New Titans Together

"New New Titans Together" from Teen Titans vol.3 #99 (DC, 2011) by J.T. Krul, José Luis, Greg Adams and J.P. Mayer
Though it lasted 100 issues, I consistently heard bad things about this book, so stayed well away, picking up only the last couple issues because finally, it was getting good reviews. I was out of comics for Geoff Johns' 45 first issues, but I never hear anyone name TT as one of his good works (as opposed to Hawkman or JSA). Sean McKeever's run was panned. Is this franchise now writer-proof, i.e. can no one write a good Titans comic. So it's very strange to me that anyone (myself included) could enjoy J.T. Krul's issues when the guy had infuriated fandom with his Arsenal story not long before. But feel free to sell me on some early arc I'm not aware of.


  1. Man...that's a lot of...posing.

  2. Taking their cues from the courtyard statue.

  3. I started buying it around the end of the first year, and stopped shortly after the One Year Later jump, post-Infinite Crisis. At that time, nobody on the team seemed like they wanted to be there, they had anywhere else to go, and none of them seemed to like each other. Even the promise that the next story would possibly redeem Cass Cain couldn't make me stay.

    I did like some the Tom Grummett drawn, Johns written issues. #20, I think, dealt with the fallout from Tim Drake's dad being killed in Identity Crisis. The actual death was stupid (and it came almost simultaneously with killing off Steph Brown in War Games, so Tim was really taking it on the chin at that time), but I remember thinking Johns handled it well

  4. Wasn't it Sean McKeever who wrote Teen Titans although a Ted McKeever Titans would be worth seeing