Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tangent Green Lantern

"Tangent Green Lantern" from Tangent Comics: Green Lantern (Tangent, 1997) by James Robinson, J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray
I was a fan of the Tangent idea (the first series anyway) - making comics with names that were very familiar from (mostly) the Silver Age, but with all-new characters. The Green Lantern (above) as a horror anthology host. The Flash as a shiny teenage superhero in the style of Clueless. The Joker as a troublemaking female hero. The Metal Men as a team of mercenary soldiers. The Doom Patrol, heroes from a potential future in our time to try to stop doomsday from happening. The Atom as a powerful atomic hero. Nightwing as a shadowy team dealing with the supernatural. The Sea Devils, mer-people created by a nuclear exchange. The Secret Six, a covert superhero team, including some who have their own series. The second series chose to create a Superman, a Batman and a Wonder Woman, big names that I felt broke away from the premise.

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