Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Superman Is Saving... Something

"Superman Is Saving... Something" from Superman Family Adventures #6 (DC, 2012) by Art Baltazar and Franco
Yeah, more a pin-up or activity, but Superman Family Adventures didn't do splash pages and I really, really wanted to include the series in this survey. When it started, I wasn't sure it was up to replacing the much beloved Tiny Titans, but within a few issues, I think it was actually the superior book. More story-driven than TT, SFA became wilder and wilder as the run went on, and introduced character dynamics that seemed completely original and fun, like Lois knowing full well who Superman was but playing along, and Jor-El and Lara getting resurrected! A book I miss!


  1. How nice. He's saving all those cute little sea creatures from the oil pouring out of that tanker!

  2. Including Aqualad's pet goldfish from Tiny Titans!