Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oliver Queen's Descendent - Tour Guide

"Oliver Queen's Descendent - Tour Guide" from Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes vol.2 #320 (DC, 1985) by Paul Levitz, Mindy Newell, Dan Jurgens and Karl Kesel
Oh how the mighty legacy hath fallen. Yes, that's actually Oli 3 Queen, who appeared a couple times giving tours of Metropolis in the 30th century, his genetic heritage confirmed in that story where someone was trying to kill the descendents of the Justice League (after all, he could have just been Warlord's descendent). This, from Takes of the LSH, which was the retitling of the newsstand Legion book when the LSH went direct sales only. Tales went a year with new stories (which is more or less when I started getting into the Legion seriously), and then reprinted the Baxter series a year behind the original publishing date. It wasn't without its problems (they never reprinted the death of Superboy, for example), but I was glad to have Tales in my podunk town miles and miles from the nearest comic book shop.

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