Friday, December 27, 2013

More Wildstorm Than DC

"More Wildstorm Than DC" from Team 7 #7 (DC, 2013) by Justin Jordan, Tony Bedard and Pascal Alixe
The NAME of this short-lived New52 series (but aren't they all still "short-lived" at this point?) is that of a Wildstorm book (anything for Jim Lee to get paid extra), and a lot of its members are too - Fairchild, Grifter, Mr. Majestic, and John Lynch - with DC stars along for the ride - Black Canary, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor and Deathstroke. Set before the events of "5 years ago" (i.e. Justice League #1), it joins Stormwatch in telling us the new DCU, young and fresh as it is, used to be the Wildstorm Universe behind the scenes. And I'm not sure I like these plug-ins having a longer tradition and history than DC's brightest stars. In fact, I know I don't.

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