Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chronos Meets his Destiny

"Chronos Meets his Destiny" from Chronos #9 (DC, 1998) by John Francis Moore, Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoh
Walker Gabriel, the second Chronos, was another of those offbeat and thus short-lived series that used the DC Universe as a grand playground. I've really got to re-read its dozen issues some time because I seem to remember it being timééé-wiméééééé. I mean, dude has to wipe his own existence from history and gets to break the Vertigo partition when Destiny of the Endless takes an interest. Plus, Chronopolis? Yeah. Putting it on the list for sure. Walker was last seen during Final Crisis in Morrison's Limbo, but if there's a character who could make his way out, it's him.


  1. Chronos and Chase were two series I was immensely enjoying at the time. Naturally, DC canned them both.

  2. There was a Chronos 1,000,000, as well. Oddly, he appears in the DC 1,000,000 trade and there wasn't a direct connection, which added to how out-of-sync the book played out. He was in a few panels in JSA where Per Degaton screwed with him and maybe had him die as a kid.

    They collected CHASE, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for CHRONOS.