Friday, November 9, 2012

Tyrannosaurus X

"Tyrannosaurus X" from Challengers of the Unknown vol.3 #16 (DC, 1998) by Steven Grant, John Paul Leon and Bill Reinhold
In the late 90s, DC tried to start some non-Vertigo horror books (the "Weirdoverse") to fill the niche left empty by Swamp Thing, Sandman, et al. getting trapped behind a mature readers partition. Among these, a new Challengers title featuring a different cast. I found that disappointing, but I can't exactly argue with ideas like Tyrannosaurus X, can I?


  1. that a NAZI Dinosaur? Oh god, I so love comics!

  2. Two of comics cornerstones in the same character. The best example of this concept, however, is still Tyrannosaurus Reich, who beat this guy to press by a few months (in Major Bummer).