Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Crooked Man

"The Crooked Man" from Chain Gang War #8 (DC, 1994) by John Wagner, Dave Johnson and John Dell
With the rise of the anti-hero in the early 90s, every superhero publisher was trying out variations on the Punisher. So while Marvel's Punisher would kill criminals, Image's Shadowhawk would only cripple them for life. DC's answer was the Chain Gang, gritty street vigilantes who would IMPRISON criminals in their basement. It was a lot better than it sounds, and weirder too thanks to John Wagner's strange and grotesque gangsters (the Crooked Man, above, being on example). Dude was a major Judge Dredd writer, so no surprise there. It's a series that I want to reread some time, if only for the satisfaction of seeing the Gang drag stupid Deathstroke into a cell.

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