Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Eater of Souls

"The Eater of Souls" from Claw the Unconquered vol.1 #10 (DC, 1978) by David Michelinie, Keith Giffen and John Celardo
In the 70s, DC tried to capture a little of Marvel's Conan success with a number of sword & sorcery comics, none of which were particularly successful except Warlord, I guess, but Claw was definitely the closest in look to Conan. The twist, a cursed demon hand. Originally conceived by Michelinie and Ernie Chua, Keith Giffen took up the reins very early in his career with #8, drawing it to the end of its run and beyond (the last two issues, 13 and 14, saw limited print later in Canceled Comics Cavalcade). His story would wrap up in a short Warlord back-up. Prior to the bargain bin, I'd only seen Claw in Who's Who (by Giffen), but a version of him would join Primal Force, yet another would get a mini-series at Wildstorm, and the original(?) would finally appear alongside Gail Simone's Wonder Woman in a story arc that also included other 70s fantasy stars like Beowulf and Stalker. Might he now show up in Sword of Fantasy?


  1. Stalker is listed as back-up for Sword of Fantasy in February, so it's sure looking possible...

  2. I';ll buy the trade of SoF, but I agree. There's also Starfire. There was a great issue of Starman with Space Cabby hearing two riders tell the same story involving the two different Starfires and then SC tells them the "real" story involving a third Starfire I knew nothing about.

    Stalker was also the main villain in that JSA series awhile back where they had single issues of Adventure Comics, Star-Spangled Comics, and the like.

  3. Snell: If Sword survives a couple of waves, then it's entirely probable.

    Wayne: Did you catch that Starfire the Booster Gold Time Masters Search for Bruce Wayne tie-in mini?