Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Targets Are Easier to Hit Than Others

"Some Targets Are Easier to Hit Than Others" from Checkmate! vol.1 #21 (DC, 1989) by Paul Kupperberg, Steve Erwin and Al Vey
The original Checkmate! book is one I had real trouble getting into, despite several tries and an important link to Suicide Squad. It was something that interested me more in concept than in execution, I guess. It perhaps didn't help that this New Format series was first released to comic book stores only at a time when I had no access to such (which would remain true for 2-3 years), and that it spun out of Vigilante (where is started as the Agency), a book equally unavailable to me. Then again, this was true of Animal Man and LEGION, and it didn't stop me from gorging myself on back issues as soon as I moved to a bigger town. My collection has only a few examples of its 33-issue run, including the one above and the Janus Directive crossover with Firestorm, Manhunter, Captain Atom and the Squad (all books I regularly read), of course.

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