Friday, November 23, 2012

Jack Ryder's Dreams

"Jack Ryder's Dreams" from The Creeper vol.1 #4 (DC, 1998) by Len Kaminsky, Shawn Martinbrough and Sal Buscema
The original Creeper book was called Beware the Creeper, and a (mostly) unrelated Vertigo version also used the title, but otherwise, the Creeper appeared in two series which didn't warn us to be wary in the title. The first and some pretty stylish artwork by Shawn Martinbrough (above), lasted 12 issues, and focused on a Hulkish war between Jack Ryder and the Creeper persona. I guess Ryder couldn't really complain given that his last previous appearance had him die, dismembered, at Eclipso's hands! It looked like it was going to reveal a new origin story, but was cancelled before it could. In the mid-2000s, the Creeper did get a new, post-Infinite Crisis origin, set in Batman's early years.

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