Tuesday, November 27, 2012

King Faraday: Doing It Right/Doing It Wrong

"King Faraday: Doing It Right/Doing It Wrong" from Danger Trail vol.1 #2 (DC, 1950) by Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella, and Danger Trail vol.2 #3 (DC, 1993) by Len Wein, Carmine Infantino and Frank McLaughlin
Two splashes for the price of one today, showing "I Spy" King Faraday falling through the air in stories separated by 43 years of DC history. Clearly, the superspy has lost a bit of his mojo since his original appearances.


  1. Those are some fabulous fabulous heels that he is rocking in the second scan. I love a man who is proud to wear incredibly tight jeans and high heels as he parachutes...or falls...into a castle!

  2. Yeah, Infantino's modern fashions are... yeah.