Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Swordfishfighting" from Comic Cavalcade #21 (DC, 1947) by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter
So there was a time when Wonder Woman not only starred in her own book AND a side-book, Sensation Comics, but also a THIRD. The Comic Cavalcade anthology in fact featured stories by other early DC stars who also got lots of exposure elsewhere - Green Lantern and the Flash. Obviously, that wasn't all, not at the original 96-page size. Cavalcade had the Ghost Patrol and Red, White and Blue and Hop Harrigan and the Black Pirate and Johnny Peril and... what, you want me to name a bigger star? Ok, and the ATOM!

In 1949, with issue 30, the book turned to funny animals as the superheroes' star waned, and featured the Fox and the Crow, Doodles Duck, Blabber Mouse, Goofy Goose, Nutsy Squirrel, and... what, you want me to name a bigger star? I CAN'T!!!


  1. Is she wearing her underwater-breathing earrings?

  2. She must be. I was more distracted by the misspelling of SIEGE.