Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Hero of Quality, If You Know What I Mean

"A Hero of Quality, If You Know What I Mean" from Firebrand #3 (DC, 1996) by Brian Augustyn and Sal Velluto
Alex Sanchez, the third hero to bear the Fire"Brand", is an obvious product of the 90s, flaming skull head and all. No relation to the Quality Comics hero (Rod Reilly) or his All-Star Squadron sister Danette (MY Firebrand), he was a crippled police officer given implants and powered armor. His series lasted only 9 issues. What happened after that? He was stabbed in the throat by a Checkmate Knight in DC's version of Avengers Arena (if you don't count Countdown Arena, of course; just replace Arcade with Roulette and Murderworld with The House). Truly a fitting end for a 90s hero.

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