Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Twilight of the Cat

"Twilight of the Cat" from Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #8 (DC, 1972) by Gerry Conway and Ernie Chua
From issue 5, Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love changed its title to this and dropped the obligatory romance angle... and became one of DC's better horror/mystery anthologies as a result! I wish I could have used something from #6, by Jack Kirby, but unusually, the King doesn't include any splashes in it (it was inventory material left over from Spirit World though). Something for the Blog of Geekery, then. FTDM featured some nice art from a variety of great Filipinos, like Chua (above), Nino, Santiago, Alcala, and Redondo. Gil Kane, Bill Payne and Howard Chaykin too. Sadly for this blog, not a lot of splashes among them, but I appreciate the need to keep the page count down for these short stories.

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