Tuesday, January 15, 2013

She Spotted Me

"She Spotted Me" from Fallen Angel #1 (DC, 2003) by Peter David, David Lopez and Fernando Blanco
Like many of my fellow comics bloggers, my thoughts go out to writer Peter David who suffered a stroke recently. His creator-owned Fallen Angel was a way to use ideas he'd crafted for his Supergirl run that he hadn't been allowed to include. The clue is that Fallen Angel is called Lee, as in Linda Lee Danvers. But it's really it's own thing, a dark tale taking place in a sentient city out of Christian cosmology, Bete Noire (actually Enoch from the Bible), where there is no crime during the day, but filled with corruption at night. DC published it for 20 issues, and David took it to IDW for a further 33 monthly issues and two minis.

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