Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Better Run

"You Better Run" from Firestorm vol.3 #1 (DC, 2004) by Dan Jolley, ChrisCross and John Dell
I didn't really get into Jason Rusch's turn as the Nuclear Man back in the day (the early 2000s were bad years, financially), but I've liked him in more recent comics. Today, he's the brains behind Firestorm, relegated to floating head status while Ronnie plays the jock (i.e. body) of Firestorm. From what I've read, Ronnie would soon return for about half a year, so Jason was hardly going it alone even then, and Professor Stein returned after the series (which lasted 22 issues) to join Jason's matrix during Infinite Crisis. Then he was combined with... Cyborg? Is that right? I'm surprised the book isn't called Firestorm the Combination Man...

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