Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mr. Nobody Is Somebody

"Mr. Nobody Is Somebody" from Doom Patrol vol.5 #11 (DC, 2010) by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Ron Randall and John Livesay
Keith Giffen's strange sense of humor was put to good use giving the Doom Patrol its last series to date, approaching an only slightly more mainstream version of Morrison's style the more he went along. This was a dense read, peppered with "found documents" like those in Giffen's 5 Years Later Legion of Super-Heroes, and though he brought back a few characters from Morrison's DP - like the hero formerly known as Crazy Jane, and Mr. Nobody of the Brotherhood of Dada, above - he also couldn't help injecting much more humorous characters as well. Ambush Bug became the first member to know he's in a comic (that's a reference to Animal Man's Morrison finale, if it didn't immediately strike a chord) and Super-Hip, a crazy hero from The Adventures of Bob Hope! It was a different kind of strangeness, but a strangeness nonetheless.

Giffen must be pretty sick of getting all the weird assignments and getting them cancelled out from under his feet by DC. I really like his quirky stuff. It deserves better.

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