Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anti-Life for Sale

"Anti-Life for Sale" from Forever People vol.1 #3 (DC, 1971) by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta
There's nothing Glorious Godfrey can't sell. The Forever People are my least favorite part of Kirby's Fourth World, probably because I have less of a connection to what they represent - I'm too young to be a hippy or to have any notions of New Age in my personal spiritual make-up. The New Gods are Greek and Norse mythology dressed in science fiction, Mister Miracle is straight up New Testament, and Jimmy Olsen is the comic book prophet, and I GET all of those. The Forever People feel, in comparison, much more dated, a product of the early 70s. Still, it's Kirby, and Your Daily Splash Page loves some Kirby.


  1. The Forever People were my least favorite of the Fourth World books back when they were coming out, as I really enjoyed the New Gods and to a lesser extent Mister Miracle. Jimmy Olsen is a whole other brew. But reading them now, years later, I think I find more value in them than I did. I didn't get it then, maybe I do now or perhaps vice versa.

    Rip Off

  2. It helps that they were integrated into the overall Fourth World story in the Omnibusususes.

  3. "There's nothing Glorious Godfrey can't sell."

    Still, from a pure marketing perspective, you might have wanted to rename Anti-Life to something a little more consumer friendly...

  4. But then it wouldn't be a challenge.

    Note that Anti-Life is ALREADY the toned-down, euphemistic version of Darkseid's low-selling product, Anti-Will.