Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hawkman with Spear

"Hawkman with Spear" from Flash Comics #25 (All-American, 1942) by Gardner F. Fox and Sheldon Moldoff
The Jay Garrick stories in Flash Comics had substandard art, but Sheldon Moldoff's stylish Hawkman strips survived the decades much better. Admittedly, there isn't much splash art - Golden Age comics didn't waste much space - but I'm always entranced by the way Moldoff drew the wings as flowing fur? Air currents? It's so unusual. Hawkman got quite a few covers over the 104-issue run of this book, and shared the book non-stop with Jay, closing each issue while the Flash opened it. Other strips of note: Johnny Thunder (in the first 91 issues, still a lot), Black Canary (who replaced him for the last few issues), the Whip, and the Ghost Patrol. Ok, those last two are perhaps not strips "of note". What happened to Flash Comics after #104? It became Flash #105, starring Barry Allen.

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  1. This is rather nice art. I love all those old Flash Gordons, and Prince Valiants and Tarzan books, because they had such nice draftsmanship.