Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ground Zero Fate's Tower

"Ground Zero Fate's Tower" from Fate #0 (DC, 1994) by John Francis Moore, Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning
Fate... The 90s' answer to Dr. Fate. First order of business, blow up one of the cooler things about the Fate franchise, the TARDIS-Tower HQ. And then the rest. Aside from the name and the ankh (as an eye tattoo instead of simply the manifestation of magical power), not much remained. Did they melt the Helmet of Nabu into a razor-edged sword? Is that what they did? Anyway, the series was about a grave robber named Jared Stevens with punk streaks in his hair, piercings, and gritted teeth. (There's a reason I chose not to show the character in today's splash.) Dr. Fate is such a cool character, it's incredible to me that's what they did with the concept for almost 2 years of this series, then came back for another in Book of Fate.

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