Monday, January 14, 2013

Justice League... EXTREEEEEEEME!!!!

"Justice League... EXTREEEEEEEME!!!!" from Extreme Justice #0 (DC, 1995) by Dan Vado, Marc Campos and Ken Branch
The popular Justice League franchise spawned by the post-Legends comedy JLI came to an abrupt end (if it wasn't already dead) with this ugly-ass Image-style spin-off that, to add insult to injury, included Blue & Gold, characters not at all suited to the premise of a snarling, angst-ridden team of "proactive" heroes. The above characters were later joined by Firestorm (Ronnie), Plastique, and the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, with Carol Ferris as HQ coordinator. Because why not. Somehow, this tripe lasted 18 issues.


  1. Oh God the art. It is enough to make one's eyeballs bleed.

  2. Yes, I also feel like I've been blinded looking at that.