Friday, November 29, 2013

Break Through the Anguish

"Break Through the Anguish" from Superman vol.3 #10 (DC, 2012) by Dan Jurgens and Jesus Merino
George Perez couldn't make the New52 Superman work, at least in part because of the editorial interference he suffered and which made him rather publicly leave the book. But we tend to forget Dan Jurgens who actually did, in my opinion, make the character work before corporate yes-man Scott Lobdell took over and immediately made ME leave a book. Maybe Jurgens was making him too much like his pre-52 self, I don't know, but solid, positive superhero action (and art) is not what DC was after here. So cue thoughtless nonsense, omnipotent characters coming out of nowhere like Dr. Veritas, incessant crossover events, and whatever else the Masters wanted out of the comic that was about to give birth to a massive film.

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  1. I like Dan Jurgens a lot. But yes, I think you've hit the nail on the head. A competent and actually heroic Superman doesn' seem like what the new DC is looking for.