Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"Earth!" from Super-Powers vol.2 #5 (DC, 1985) by Paul Kupperberg, Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston
I remember when the first mini-series came out. Marvel's Secret Wars had truly captured my imagination, and I was so sure Super-Powers was the DC equivalent. But I just couldn't bear the Kirby-lookalike artwork. By the time a second volume came 'round, this time actually by Jack Kirby, I was a fan of the toys Super-Powers was shilling for, but NOT a fan of the King. I've gone back on that since, BIG TIME, but I still admit his 80s work was a far cry from the 70s stuff I most love. There was a third mini, this time with art by Infantino, another comics legend I have little use for at the time (and even today). I don't think I even remember that one coming out.

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