Sunday, November 24, 2013

For Bizarro World!

"For Bizarro World!" from Supergirl vol.5 #57 (DC, 2010) by Sterling Gates and Bernard Chang
The fifth volume of Supergirl, this time starring the real Kara Zor-El, didn't start off on the right foot, with over-sexualized art and Jeph Loeb, whose cred had been dwindling, on story. I skipped it. Four years later, good buzz about Sterling Gates' take on the character just as I got interested in Superman again, allowed me to give Supergirl another shot and I was pleased by what I saw. Gates' stories were solid and fun, and Kara was a positive character. The last couple arcs, by James Peatty and then Kelly Sue DeConnick, actually sent the character in what I felt was where she should have been all along. Supergirl undercover in college was especially keen. So of course, Flushpoint had to puy an end to it.

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