Monday, November 25, 2013

Raging Supergirls

"Raging Supergirls" from Supergirl vol.6 #22 (DC, 2013) by Michael Alan Nelson, Diogenes Neves and Marc Deering
I've tries three times now to get into New52 Supergirl, mostly because I want to support iconic female superhero books, but DC makes it very hard. I tried the first issue, of course, but it was a return to rage-filled teenage girl, something that was done in volume 5, and I wasn't interested in her slugging it out with her cousin. The Silver Banshee issue made me look, but it wasn't enough to get me back in. Then Power Girl, a favorite character, showed up, and those issues were a scream. So I stuck with it, and Supergirl had mellowed since the first ish, and then, well, a new Cyborg Superman that's her dad (or something) and we're off into Villains Month and so on. I'm out again.

And those knee holes? Nonsense. The crotch patch? Extra terrible.


  1. Yup, it's impossible to argue that DC is getting Supergirl right, alhtough I did enjoy moments in this storyline. With H'el back, and the upcoming Red Lantern pish, though,I'm out.

  2. The Superman Family of books is the most aggressively frustrating line at DC (and thus in all of comics today). Editorial interference is rampant, shoehorned events and crossovers keep interrupting the flow of any given storyline, and not surprisingly, creators never last very long unless they're ready to play that game.

  3. The crotch patch is indeed quite quite horrible.