Saturday, November 9, 2013

Suicide by Giant Monster

"Suicide by Giant Monster" from Suicide Squad vol.3 #21 (DC, 2013) by Ales Kot and Patrick Zircher
After Adam Glass' Flashpoint: Legion of Doom, a boring splatterfest featuring imprisoned super-villains, I lost hope that his New52 Suicide Squad would be to my tastes. As it happened, it was not. But regardless of the writer, the premise is not a particularly viable one in a rebooted universe. Think about it. The original Suicide Squad made use of 50 years of old villains (and covert heroes) that could be put out to pasture, recycled or turned into a main player. It was exciting. In a new universe, no one has any history, so why should I care if they live or die? And where do you pull new members from? You get characters literally created (or re-created) to die. As new and better writers have come on after issue #0, I'm interested in checking things out again, but then I think, nah, it can't have improve that much, can it?

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