Friday, November 15, 2013

Clark Loves Destruction

"Clark Loves Destruction" from Superboy vol.2 #5 (DC, 1990) by John Moore, Jim Mooney and Ty Templeton
The Superboy TV series spawned a 22-issue (+ Special to tie up loose ends) series about Clark and Lana attending Shuster University and the young man of steel coming into his powers. What I've read of it was not unpleasant, and hey, Templeton on Mooney? Cool. And Kevin Maguire covers too! Later issues with art by Curt Swan gave the book a very retro look for the early 90s though, with Superboy looking like the Silver Age Superman in most shots. That just didn't seem right.


  1. Gosh, I do love Ty Templeton. Too bad that Clark didn't think to look for the poor vagrants who were actually living in that abandoned hotel. It's not like he has X-Ray vision or anything!

  2. Although I could never sit through an entire episode of the Superboy TV series, I loved this book, thought it captured the idea of the show without the limitations it suffered.