Saturday, November 2, 2013

Steel Hates Astrology

"Steel Hates Astrology" from Steel #52 (DC, 1998) by Priest, Denys Cowan and Tom Palmer
Despite not having the striking Jon Bogdanove art that brought John Henry Irons to life in Reign of the Supermen, Steel did retain Louise Simonson as writer, providing low-key, but sensitive stories about the character and his family. I lost touch with the book after the Shaquille O'Neil movie apparently prompted a change of direction, and came back to check out Priest and Cowan's final arc on the book, giving it a distinctly Milestone Comics type of feel. Steel should be DC's premiere African-American hero and I can't believe he's not up there right now with Cyborg and Batwing. It's not like he hasn't been brought back yet!

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