Monday, November 4, 2013

Invasion of the Flying Reptiles

"Invasion of the Flying Reptiles" from Strange Adventures vol.1 #121 (DC, 1960) by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson
Yeah! Dinosaurs in strange settings! Well, these ARE strange adventures, after all. A long-running (23 years) science fiction (and sometimes supernatural) anthology that was the home to Captain Comet, Deadman, Star Hawkins, the Atomic Knights, Animal Man and Immortal Man, among others. Its 8th issue's cover is also credited as starting comics' famous gorilla craze AND #205 as having the first use of narcotics in a Code-approved book!


  1. Well! Water Skiing and Pterasaurs! I do love that the couple portrayed seem fairly unflappable about the whole thing.

  2. The girl's kind of waving at them. Not sure it's a good idea.