Sunday, November 17, 2013

Superboy vs. Kid-Flash

"Superboy vs. Kid-Flash" from Superboy vol.4 #5 (DC, 2011) by Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo
Spinning out from Geoff John's fine little run on the character in Adventure Comics, Kon-El's pre-52 book was a sweet little affair painting Smallville as a weird superhero Twin Peaks/Eureka/Univille, and Jeff Lemire was the perfect writer for it. The book had a nice supporting cast too, including Luthor's brilliant niece and a non-timber wolf Krypto. One of the great losses of the New52, since Superboy became nigh unreadable  after the jump.


  1. Heh. A LOT of things have become unreadable after the jump. But it is nice to see Krypto looking like...well like Krypto.

  2. There was a lot of promise to the nu52, but Jesus, it's like they chose to go the wrong direction more often than not. "Superboy" was one of those titles that had finally, finally gotten to a good place, so you build on that, not start fresh. Or if you DO start fresh, try to work your way back to what was working.

    Which means you don't put Lobdell on it. Yeah, I get that Lobdell is so delighted to even be working in comics that he'll put up with any and all editorial mandates, but what he puts out is garbage. It was fine for the X-Titles 20 years ago -- X-readers had grown to expect perpetually-unresolved plotlines with lots of time loops and angst -- but while Marvel thrives on soap opera, DC withers. (I don't mean that as a value judgment; it simply is a fact that what works on "X-Men" doesn't work on "Superman".)

  3. You're preaching to the choir there, my friend.