Saturday, July 27, 2013

Acrobat-Induced Vertigo

"Acrobat-Induced Vertigo" from Nightwing vol.2 #2 (DC, 1996) by Chuck Dixon, Scott McDaniel and Karl Story
Volume 2? Yes, because there was a terrible Ed Benes-drawn mini about a year before Nightwing started on his pretty massive 154-issue run. Though Scott McDaniel has become way too cartoony and abstract in later years, I dug his early work on Dick's book, like a kind of more joyful Frank Miller that would have worked as well in black and white. One of the smart things about the series was having Nightwing move out of Gotham and giving him his own cesspool to work in. Bl├╝dhaven may have had an over-obvious name, but an old, corrupt whaling town held great promise as a vigilante hero's home base. I lost track of the book sometime before Devon Grayson took over the writing, but from what I heard, she stuck to the title's emphasis on character.

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