Wednesday, July 3, 2013


"Bloop?" from Millennium #7 (DC, 1987) by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton and Ian Gibson
Millennium... the series they couldn't wait 13 years to tell. The series that put a Manhunter into everybody's home. The series that gave us the New Guardians, real game changers. I mean, the canceled Booster Gold for THAT?! 8 weekly issues at least meant it was all over in 2 months, right? Still, I have a personal connection to this series, but a manufactured one. See, when I was running a 1980s-based DC Heroes RPG, I put my players through the crossover (my own character was replaced by a Manhunter robot) and in the sequence starting with the above, at the underwater Manhunter base, it was my players who saved the day, stealing Booster Gold's thunder and denying him the chance to show he wasn't working with the bad guys. This would, in fact, have longer-lasting consequences as some of my showboats got lucrative advertizing contracts Booster had subsequently lost.

Here's a question: Who was the best/most surprising Manhunter agent in our heroes' midst? Lana Lang? Dr. Jace? Who was the worst? Overthrow, surely. Let me know what you think.


  1. Wally West's dad remains my favorite; possibly just because Messner-Loebs' run on that book is on my personal best-of-superheroes list in general, but mostly because the senior West's Manhunter-ey manifested itself in basically just being a shitty, absentee dad. It was a human betrayal, as opposed to all those "IT WAS YOU, ALL ALONG!!" reveals in so many of the other books.

    Was Laurel Kent the worst, maybe? Felt like they just threw her away rather than use the changing continuity to make her a more complex character...

  2. Oh definitely, that was a big waste of a long-serving member of Legion Academy and Superman's legacy in the 30th century!

    Good choice for Mr. West!

    Is there a complete list of the traitors on the internet? Might make this easier.

  3. Oh Millenium. So magnificently terribly horribly wonderfully bad.