Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tube to Earth-2

"Tube to Earth-2" from Mister Terrific #8 (DC, 2012) by Eric Wallace, Gianluca Gugliotta and Wayne Faucher
Didn't like the costume (or at least, the weird mask), but I think I was one of New52 Michael Holt's few fans. To me, it read kind of like an episode of Doctor Who every month. I love supergenius heroes and the science was just this side of Grant Morrison in terms of madness. Plus, Power Girl, though she hadn't showed off her powers by the time Mister Terrific was cancelled. At least Holt got a second lease on life when he was sent to Earth-2. That storyline's been on a slow burn, but he's just appeared in the latest issue, so here's hoping for more Mr. T.

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